Spicewood at BullCreek Homeowners Association, Inc. A Nonprofit 501 (C) (4) Organization

Dear Neighbor, The Spicewood at BullCreek Homeowners Association has assembled this packet of useful information about your neighborhood. Included is information concerning utilities, taxes, voting, neighborhood activities, emergencies, and other services. You will also find a copy of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions - (REVISED January 1, 2002). Please read these declarations, and save them with your other household papers. All homeowners are bound by these declarations.

Please email the appropriate board member if you have any questions or concerns.

Automatic Membership in the HOA As a homeowner, you are automatically a member of our association with one vote per household. You are subject to the Association By-laws, Deed Restrictions and Covenants. This includes an annual assessment of $26.00, due and payable on or before January 1 for the ensuing year. If you do not pay the assessment on time, penalties can be assessed. Membership in the Association is mandatory.

The By-Laws and the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions detail the creation and operation of the Homeowners Organization. Your title company should have given you a copy of these documents at your closing. If you need a copy of the “original” document, you could go to the Travis County Courthouse and request one. Although they are not “first copies” of the original documents, enclosed you will find a current copy of the “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.”

Activities Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting is (usually) held on the second Wednesday of January each year. All residents are urged to attend. At this meeting, all business of the previous year is reported and a new Board of Directors is elected. In previous years, guest speakers have been asked to enlighten the attendees on current neighborhood events. Quarterly Board Meetings The Board meets quarterly in the evening, usually at the Balcones Country Club. Election of Officers takes place at the first Board Meeting of the new year.

All residents are welcome to attend. Spring Fling or Fall Family Social The Spring Fling is usually held in the 2nd quarter of the year before it gets too hot. Occasionally this family social event is held in the fall, usually late October. This is a minimal charge event to cover costs, which allows all neighbors to “meet ‘n greet” and to associate faces with names.

Holiday/Christmas Decorations Each year, Spicewood at BullCreek and surrounding neighborhoods decorate their streets by having each home decorated by at least one Texas pine. The trees are normally strung with 50 large, multicolored light bulbs. The HOA contracts with an outside group (most recently with the Boy Scouts) to supply our neighborhood with Christmas trees. The Boy Scouts distribute the trees. After the holidays, the City collects the trees as part of the weekly collections.

Utilities and Services Water and wastewater City of Austin Phone: 512-494-9400 Website: www.ci.austin.tx.us The wastewater portion of your monthly bill is determined by the lowest two months of water usage during the months from November to March when all water is assumed to go through the sewer system. Or, if you have not established your average, wastewater charges are based on your usage for one month or 10,000 gallons, whichever is less. You will receive a single monthly bill including water usage, wastewater fee, and garbage and recycling. Garbage and Recycling City of Austin Phone: 311 (494-9400 for initial setup) Website: www.ci.austin.tx.us Garbage and yard waste service is provided once a week on Wednesdays, recyclable pickup is provided every other week. In order not to miss the pickup, it is suggested that you place your container near the curb no later than 6:30 a.m.

Cable TV Time Warner Cable Phone: 512-485-5555 Website: www.timewarneraustin.com All elaborate and/or unsightly antennas, including large television, radio and satellite antennas, are generally forbidden by the Covenants and Restrictions, Section 4 d. The new smaller size satellite receiving antennas are permitted, if they are mounted on the house behind the front wall line of the dwelling. The HOA Board of Directors depending on the size and placement of the antenna may make exceptions. Please review Section 4d and check with the HOA Board of Directors before erecting any type of large external antenna.

Electricity Pedernales Electric Cooperative Phone: 512-331-8883 Website: www.pec.coop

Natural Gas Texas Gas Service Phone: 800-700-2443 Emergency: 800-959-5325 Online: www.texasgasservice.com

Fire, Police, and Ambulance (EMS) Your phone number and address automatically appears on the dispatcher’s computer. All you have to do is state the nature of the emergency. Emergency: 911 Non-Emergency calls: 311 Poison Center: 800-764-7661 Neighborhood Watch Any crimes or significant events in our neighborhood should be reported to the police, if appropriate, and to Dan Sieczkowski at 512-335-7486 and <dski@austin.rr.com>. Dan will send out an email to all homeowners to notify them.

House Numbers Make sure your house numbers are large and well placed to be seen day or night by police, fire or EMS personnel. Number stencils are available in large sizes at various local craft stores. Sometimes, an independent contractor will operate in the subdivision, painting house numbers on the curbs for a small fee.

Library City of Austin Phone: 512-258-9070 The closest city library is at Address: 8637 Spicewood Springs Road, Austin TX 78750 There is no fee for City of Austin residents to use the entire city library system.

Schools We are located in the Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) Administration: 512-255-4451 Children attend Spicewood Elementary, Canyon Vista Middle School and Westwood High School.

Taxes Our subdivision is located in two taxing jurisdictions Travis County and Round Rock Independent School district. Because of state laws that went into effect in 2008, we only have to interact with the Travis County entity. Travis County Tax Collector Address: 5501 Airport Blvd, Austin TX 78751 Phone: 512-854-9473 Appraised Value Appeals If you are not satisfied with the tax appraisal for your property, you can file an appeal before May 31. You will need to have sufficient documentation to back your claim.

Voting We are located in voting Precinct 334, and in these political districts: U.S. Congressional District: 21 Texas Senatorial District: 14 Texas Legislative District: 50 County Comm. District: 3 Justice of the Peace: 2 School District: RRISD Voting for local, state and national elections is usually done at the Pickfair Community Center (old Fire Station). Travis County Voter Registrar Phone: 512-854-9473 Website: www.co.travis.tx.us We are also in the Austin Community College (ACC) district, and vote in ACC related elections.